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Winter, 2015 Update

Swans Fluttering Wings
My latest photo-book:
"Reflections of Louisiana"
is now available for sale, and can be viewed and purchased at:

Other available Photo-books include:

The photo above was taken in the Karabakh region of Armenia.  It is one of many wild flowers featured in my photo journal book: 
"Where The Wild Flowers Bloom."  
The entire book can be viewed and purchased at:
"A Journey Into Lesotho"
A photo-journal of the Kingdom of Lesotho, in Southern Africa:

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Klipspringer Studios is the outlet for my personal artistic expression, along with where I can share information on the activities I am involved in.  While my activities may center around photography or design services, or church property construction, furniture building, art, writing, or taking people on mission teams around the world, all of my endeavors are done so in keeping with my personal faith.

* As an avid photographer, I have included examples of the way I view this world - from architectural celebration to the human form. 

* As an internationalist, and one concerned with the needs of the less-fortunate, you might want to consider joining me on a hands-on mission to a foreign or domestic location in need.  

* As an artist, you may find my artistic expression through conceptual cartography, free-form painting, and texture and graphic relief work to be unique and unusual.

* As a collector of the unique, from furniture to pottery, to textiles, to art work, you may be interested in going on a "Shopping Safari" with me - where you will meet the crafts-persons making the objects you fall in love with, from around the world.

* As a published, architectural designer, I am able to help you design the home of your dreams, or to decorate the space in which you live, to reflect the personality within you. 

All photography rights are reserved.  No photos contained on this site may be used in any way without permission.
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John-Paul McGuire